SiteGround: Top 10 Web Hosting Features You Definitely Can’t Resist394
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SiteGround: Top 10 Web Hosting Features You Definitely Can’t Resist

After your website is set up, it must be uploaded online. How can you do that? Of course, you need web hosting to publish your website for your viewers 👨‍💻 Instead of hosting your website on your network server, renting space from a provider can get maximum speed, reliability, and security. 

SiteGround is a worldwide IT powerhouse specializing in high-performance and secure website technological advances, products, apps, and web hosting solutions 🏆 With a solid international customer base, they currently power over 2.8 million website domains in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia data centers. 

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The technologies, products, and applications they develop have been installed over 3 million times 👩‍💻 Their services are currently among the highest rated in their respective industries and have held a 98% client satisfaction rate for over 5 years. 

Most of the world's major corporations and businesses have websites, and individuals personally have blogs. Therefore, successful web hosting services will be required for them 🏆 Due to the current demand and for your knowledge, we bring the Top 10 Web Hosting Features of SiteGround You Can't Live Without. 


💻 Tech Fact!

SiteGround has around 11 data centers across 8 countries: the US, Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, and Singapore.



Site Ground Web Hosting

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For the special pricing to apply, they require a yearly purchase paid in advance 👨‍💻 For your first invoice, special rates apply. All subsequent renewals will be charged at the usual rate. 



What is SiteGround? 

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What distinguishes SiteGround is its exceptional team of experts who devote their enthusiasm, devotion, and skill to maintaining our clients' websites. They like what they do and are driven to provide excellent service 🏆 A review published on September 18, 2020, lauded SiteGround for their high uptime and customer assistance, scoring them 3.5/5 overall before big price rises in 2021 and 2022.

Most people who are smart, open-minded, hardworking, kind, and motivated to solve problems work at SiteGround and serve your website 👩‍💻 They carefully select their coworkers because being able to rely on and learn from one another is critical. Every new SiteGrounder undergoes comprehensive training because they feel it is the finest investment in the company's future. 



Top 10 SiteGround Web Hosting Features

#10 Quick Website Building

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Not sure where to begin with your website? SiteGround has made it easy for you by including the two most popular site builders, WordPress and Weebly, with all of the plans for free. Most importantly, just powering 40% of the internet, WordPress is renowned as the most widely used Content Management System (CMS) 🏆 It is ideal for sites that want to grow over time because it has hundreds of themes and plugins to choose from, and a big community to support them.

Start using WordPress on their platform and get free installation, automatic updates, and excellent support. Weebly is regarded as one of the easiest site builders available and is suggested for first-time users due to its simple drag-and-drop editor 🧐 It has a variety of design layouts and functionality, like contact forms, a shop, and so on, to meet the demands of any new website. Their plans all contain a free version.



#9 Smooth Site and Email Transfer

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They offer a smooth hosting migration 🧐 Utilize the free WordPress and email migration tools or have their specialists do a professional website transfer. 

  • Free WordPress Migrator
  • Free Email Migrator
  • Professional Website Migration



#8 Solutions for E-commerce

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Begin your online store with a free installation of your chosen shopping cart and take advantage of complimentary services like SSL, daily backups, and more 🏆

  • Free Shopping Cart Installation
  • SSL Included
  • Daily Backups



#7 Optimized for CMS Applications

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This hosting platform is built to accommodate several PHP-MySQL-based CMS and CRM programs. The most popular ones are installed for free 👨‍💻 It manages and provides the installation of various popular platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others. These platforms encompass content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) systems, forums, wikis, and more.



#6 Powered By Google Cloud

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This service is provided by Google Cloud, which assures high availability and dependability and is one of the fastest networks available 👨‍💻 For many redundancies, SiteGround deploys dispersed SSD storage. 

  • Distributed SSD persistent storage
  • 100% Renewable energy match



#5 Modern and Green Data Centers

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All of the data centers SiteGround has utilized are highly redundant regarding crucial components. Multiple power feeds, on-site power generators, and enterprise-class UPS systems avoid power outages 👩‍💻 Using many major carriers ensures uninterrupted network access. The availability of various Google Cloud facilities allows for redundant and geographically dispersed backups across nations and continents. 

SiteGround employs data centers that provide high availability, minimal latency, and dependability. Their primary data center partner, Google, is particularly well-known for maintaining one of the fastest and most powerful networks 🏆 Route optimization technology, internet backbone connections, and other processes are in place to provide high bandwidth capacity and rapid connectivity.



#4 Expert and Friendly Hosting Support

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SiteGround's support crew is well-known for being quick, courteous, and helpful. Consumers affirm this daily by leaving hundreds of five-star reviews and close to 100% satisfaction ratings 🏆 A kind and optimistic attitude is the strongest basis for a stable long-term connection with clients, even in difficult situations. Their support staff members use not only their intellect but also their hearts. 

Their work seeks not only to address the problems at hand but also to empower our clients 👨‍💻 Their support specialists write Knowledge Base articles and teach their clients how to become experienced webmasters capable of fixing any site issues that may arise.



#3 Fast and Efficient Problem Resolution

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SiteGround's assistance system suggests the quickest and most suitable route for your inquiry. Phone calls and chat inquiries are promptly addressed, and tickets are often responded to within 15 minutes 🏆 They know what they're doing and offer immediate assistance without wasting your time with back-and-forth. They provide several options for quick problem resolution and live support.  

  • Automated Solutions
    • When you submit your inquiry to support, it is reviewed. If a comparable problem has already been handled, they swiftly suggest a ready solution you may attempt for a quick resolution.

  • Live Chat
    • The live chat is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is extremely quick and efficient. Their helpful chat professionals effectively handle 90% or more of the queries they get. 

  • Helpdesk Tickets
    • You will be sent to the most sophisticated technicians via their ticketing system for debugging your most complicated issues. They often respond within 15 minutes; most concerns are fixed with a single response. The ticketing system provides support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



#2 Powerful Caching Technology

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All SiteGround's hosted sites are cached, which increases performance by up to five times. They cache their static resources as well as their dynamic PHP output. For database-driven sites, the clients can use Memcached 🏆 They activate NGINX Direct Delivery by default for all server sites, meaning some assets, such as your photos, will load faster from the server's memory.

SiteGround also uses full-page caching for all apps on our platform, which has been shown to increase site speed by 50% to 500%! 🧑‍💻 Finally, clients with database-driven sites on GrowBig and higher plans can use the Memcached service, which improves performance even further. 



#1 Security-First Approach

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SiteGround, a professional hosting company, will also present you with a list of security measures from which you may choose based on your needs and budget to keep your website data safe and ensure continuous functioning 🏆

  • Smart WAF
    • SiteGround's Security Team is constantly on the lookout for new threats and exploits, and they develop clever firewall rules to safeguard the hosting environment and sites from known hacks and breaches.

  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
    • Apart from SiteGround's internal monitoring system, which assesses server status every 0.5 seconds, the System Admins are also accessible round the clock to prevent issues and swiftly apply solutions.

  • Distributed backups
    • SiteGround's backups are spread across many geographical regions. In a calamity, the system could instantly restore massive quantities of data to power your site, even on a server on another continent.

  • WordPress Security
    • SiteGround created a unique free plugin for WordPress sites that improves its security, starting with the most usually abused login form and progressing to more complicated settings.



Web Hosting with SiteGround 

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Accordingly, SiteGround is a popular web hosting provider ideal for launching new e-commerce sites 👨‍💻 Although it is more complex than an e-commerce builder, SiteGround gives you more control and freedom over your store.

If you are not building a new e-commerce store, SiteGround offers many other services for you, as mentioned above 🏆 It provides good customer service but will be more expensive in the long term than other hosting companies. 


Site Ground - Top 10 Web Hosting Features You Definitely Can’t Resist


What is site ground? What services does it provide? 👩‍💻 In this article, we have presented all the information to you since the beginning, including updated information about this popular web hosting company 🏆 This should be essential for everyone, young and old, especially in today's society. 



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